Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cabin Fever? Try Striper Fishing!

Do you have cabin fever yet? Here is the remedy for that cabin fever! I think it will tide you over until warmer weather comes and its back to norm fishing again! I find striper fishing to be exciting, and quite exhilarating, to the cooped up feeling of late winter, cabin fever!

Striped bass fishing is one of the many types of bass fishing that has become very popular in the last ten or fifteen years. Fishing for these predators is both challenging and fun!  As a matter of fact I am planning a trip in February to pursue these awesome predators! If I get to go, I will keep you posted! 

 There are several ways to catch these fish such as by casting, trolling and even bottom fishing. In most areas, stripers do not reproduce well requiring extensive game management and stocking. The best months for catching this game fish are late February through May. This is because striped bass begin to feed aggressively as they prepare to spawn, although you can catch them year round!

Bait - Finding and using the right type of bait for stripers is the same as any other type of fishing. The more experienced striped bass fisherman will spend a lot of time looking for schools of bait fish. They know that when they find these schools that the big stripers will be very close by. Netting your bait is quite the challenge sometimes, but well worth the effort!

 Live shad are the bait of choice when using live bait because they are the primary forage food for stripers,here in Missouri Lakes.You had better hang on when one of the stripers hit a live shad on your hook! They hit like a locomotive and the fight is on leaving the fisherman numb armed and weary at best!

When it comes to bass fishing, striped bass fishing is one of the favorites for many and you can also find yourself hooked by this incredible experience. There is just no way to describe the exhilaration you feel when you hook into one of these monsters and you discover that you are in for the fight of your life!

So if you happen to be at the lake try your luck at striper fishing, but be careful, if you hook a striper, you'll be hooked on stripers from then on! No pun intended of course! If you haven't tried striper fishing, then you just haven't lived yet! Just kidding, but it can be very addictive!

So until next time keep your hooks wet, and be sure to boat safely,and unless your fish hungry, practice catch and release! See ya out there I hope, and good luck on YOUR
next outdoor adventure!
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chesapeake bay fishing said...

Very informative article. People can also charter boats to catch some of those "line-siders!" Thank you.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

chesapeake bay fishing- very good point, indeed! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! Makes it a little easier to find the stripers too! Finding is probably 60 percent of the work!

Josh Turner said...

Hey Kenny. Any good recommendations for lakes/rivers known to be good for February/March stripers? (I'm in Missouri too)

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Josh - on truman if you can find sap landing, its the pom de terre arm of truman, if you find it you put in and turn left up the river and it goes about 2 miles and runs into a shoal. Really good for whites and stripers! My favorite! Look your lake maps over and you can tell where to go. Lake of ozarks, Hint try Ha tonka springs whites and stripers will stage in the warmer spring water right now and is good in the heat of the summer, fish seek warmer water in winter and cooler water in summer. Just a few tips for you my friend!