Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Time Bass- How Important Is The Thermocline?

As we near the dog days of summer,we all will experience, the lock jaw temperament of the "Large Mouth Bass!" You know those days when they just don't seem to bite anything! I have several articles in my archives on what lures to use during these times!

Today I want to share with you all something that will help you, when you brave the hot sun and tough fishing days that lay just ahead of us. Now a lot of people ask what lures do we use during the dog days of summer, and some ask what color? Now while lure and lure color choice, are important, Depth is probably more important than anything else!

Now you're probably asking, "why depth?" During the hot days of summer the surface temperature gets in the upper 80's and fish go deeper to get to cooler temperatures. Now after they go so deep, and the temperatures drop, so does the oxygen level drop! This is the level just below the "Thermocline" When the surface temps get too warm, fish seek out the thermocline. Cooler temps with lots of oxygen!

Thermocline - a zone of rapid temperature change!

These conditions are also ideal for bait fish, which by the way bass, stripers, walley, etc., love to eat! The best way to find the thermocline is use your graph and graph the fish and bait fish clumps at a certain level, and concentrate your effort with lures that are fished in that depth range, this is why, knowing what depths crankbaits, or spinners or whatever lures you use go down to and use the lures that are fished at that depth.

So, if you keep the thermocline in mind, then the next time you are experiencing hot summertime, slow biting bass, find the thermocline and fish that depth wherever you fish on the lake, this will drastically improve your chances of a successful trip in mid summer time waters!

Just remember, in the hot days of summer, find the thermocline by locating the clumps of bait fish, and bigger fish whatever level they are at and fish this thermocline all over the lake with lures that are running just above or in the thermocline and you will have more success, at catching those hot summertime bass.

I hope this fishing tip gets you better results, and contributes to more catches for you this summer, so , until next time, enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" See Ya all out there, soon, I hope!
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Albert A Rasch said...

Thermoclines are a big deal offshore. If you're not fishing it, you're just burning fuel. A Lake must be no different!

Best regards,
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Paul Steeve said...

Great read! Hitting the shores with topwater can be effective in the morning and evening, but depth is certainly the place to hit during the heat of the day.

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Albert and Paul, good to hear from you both, as your comments are always welcome here! Summer time bass can be tough, but if you use some common since, you will be successful!