Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Piney Late Summer Fishing!

It's that time of year again, you know, schools are gearing up again, August is drawing to an end and we are getting near the end of summer! Baseball is gearing up for the final pennant races and fishing starts to pick it up once again! We are all doing all the outdoor stuff that we can possibly get into each and every remaining day of summer.

I went fishing today and floated on the river. You could just feel the weather and sense the changes about to come. I caught several goggle eyes and small mouth bass, before noon and I was just enjoying the 82 degree day, kinda over cast and a gentle breeze blowing across the water. Squirrels were jumping from tree to tree, and I saw a few deer getting a drink from the river! They are really beautiful with their velvet attire and all. I lost a couple of good smallies, so I settled in for a noon time sandwich and a soda and of course some chips!

I spent the rest of the day just relaxing and enjoying the scenery, the sounds, just taking it all in and catching some decent fish. I took out of the river and went home and cleaned all of my fish and while the wife was cooking the fish and fries and hush puppies, I was out side building a fire to enjoy after dark, when the temperatures drop down into the 50s again! We sat around eating fish and chips and drinking cold soda and watching the great fire as the sun went down.

We were enjoying the fish, listening to all the nite creatures, like frogs, crickets, hoot owls, coyotes, and whipper wills. Of course the smell of the fire and listening to the noises a fire puts out like the wood cracking and popping, and the gases hissing as It burns of as the wood is consumed by the blazing blue fire. Was a pretty neat picture and a wonderful evening in the "Great Outdoors!"

Oh, by the way, we ate all the fish but 2 pieces and the fire felt good all evening! Just taking in the outdoors and enjoying the rest of summer! It just seems natural to be in the outdoors and enjoying all it has to offer, see ya out there, I hope!

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Anonymous said...

Kenny, that sounds like it was a awesome day. There ain't nothing like a relaxing day in the outdoors.

Shoreman said...

To piggyback on Rick's comment, sounds like it was an awesome evening too. Days and nights like those go a long way to cleansing the mind and calming the nerves.


Anonymous said...

Written with the skill to make me feel as if I was right there with you catching some Smallies, eating some fish, and enjoying the fire. Great photo of the river by the way. Thanks, Kenny.

Paul Steeve said...

I love being outside in the early Fall--the weather is always beautiful and the amimals are out and about. You described a great evening...I hope I can get one like that soon for myself.

Wolfy said...

Fall is the best time of the year. Sounds like a great beginning to the changing of the seasons, Kenny!


Kenny Breckenridge said...

Rick, Shoreman, Mel, Paul Steeve, and Wolfy, nice of you all to drop by and thank you so much for the comments and kind words, yes, being in the outdoors is great, no matter what time of the year! But fall and spring are my two favorite times of the year warm days and cool campfire evenings, AWESOME!