Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Update For the 2008 Missouri Deer Seasons!

I am bringing you all up to date on the Missouri firearm harvest statistics for 2008. During the firearm portion of 2008 , a total of approximately, 200,679 deer were harvested. These numbers were down from last years harvest of 235,054. That's about 34,000 less than the 2007 firearm season.

I believe these numbers were down because of the cold and terribly windy front that came in on us, and lasted pretty much most of the season. I can't remember when it was as cold and windy, as it was this year.

During the muzzle loader season there where 10,254 deer harvested, which was the 4Th highest harvest in its 21 year history. The weather warmed up quite a bit and the wind was a lot less than during the firearm season. There seems to be a lot of hunters , that enjoy the thrill of the primitive one shot muzzle loaders of days gone by.

We still have one more season for muzzle loaders which starts December 13Th for one week and the harvest is for antlerless deers only.It looks as though it is going to be a cold and windy season also. Better dress warm you guys! Although by now most hunters will probably have lots of excuses to stay inside where it is warm. I , myself, will pass on this season as I have worn out my butt and my patience on 2 seasons now , a total of 18 days sitting like a statue and frozen about as stiff as a statue , I might add! ;-)

So there you have it! A pretty good harvest so far , considering the weather and everything. Oh yeah and by the way, Missouri still is reporting that CWD is still not in the 1.5 million deer herd as of yet. I don't know how accurate that statement is. But they have been testing harvested deer and so far so good. If you run across a sick acting deer , call the Missouri conservation department and report it. They want to know WHERE and WHEN. We can all do our part and help them to keep track of our herd here in Missouri. Just a simple phone call and its that easy.

So until next time, see ya out there, and good luck, hope you enjoy the "Great Outdoors!" Oh yeah, we have a winter advisory for tonight and tomorrow, but temperatures should be in the 40s and 50s by the weekend, so maybe that might make a difference for the last season of the 2008 deer harvest. Good luck you guys( and gals) although the gals probably have better sense, and stay warm, if you can.

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