Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missouri Deer Season- Update


We aren't bass fishing today , we are still deer hunting! I just thought I would bring you up-to-date as of Wednesday the 19th. Saturday the 15th was opening day and mother nature showed no mercy on the deer hunters. There was a big turn out of hunters and as usual opening day not only was cold, but it snowed, sleeted and rained. The wind came from way before daylight in 50 mile an hour gusts and blew all day and most of Saturday night.

I thought I was too cool and a friend of mine and I got in my tent blind and had a heater in it too. It was still colder than a well diggers %#$ but we managed. Even the squirrels and turkeys didn't even come out where we were. We did see a small flock of turkeys about 2pm and they were laying down and not moving hardly at all.

Sunday was better , the temps were in the upper 40s which was 10 degrees warmer than the Saturday high of 38. Still pretty windy but seen several squirrels and another small flock of turkeys and 2 coveys of quail. That is a lot better than Saturday. Sunday evening about 4:45 pm a couple of big does came by and we busted one of them and the other doe , just disappeared. We never heard her run, it was as if she just vanished. The doe we scored was one of the biggest doe I have ever seen. Monday was my friends daughters birthday so we took a day off. He and his daughter went, saw 3 does, and a 3 point buck , but she is 12 and didn't want dad to shoot them. She said they were too pretty , so dad and daughter just watched them. She had a blast and was glad dad let them go!

Tuesday , I went by myself , Jerry had to go back to work and I messed up. Old whitey came up , as I was grunting and rattling. Of course he circled me and came up down wind. My blind is supposed to keep the scent in . I guess it did good , as the buck was about 15 steps from my blind on my blind side and snorted , he also waved the white flag at me as he quickly avoided my shot, which centered a big black oak just about as perfect as you could shoot. Oh well better luck next time!

Wednesday came and went just turkeys, squirrels, quail again, and a couple of wild hogs. I could have shot them both, but like the little girl , I just watched them feed on by. I didn't think I could manage a 300+ lb hog by myself, nor did I really feel like messing with it anyways.
My cousin killed 2 last year and my dad said they were good eating.

I probably will hunt everyday till the season closes , I still have 3 tags to fill and my friend has 2 tags to fill so we might get another chance at old whitey again, even though I would rather have doe to steak up as they are more tender . Old whitey might make some good summer sausage, cajun style. YUMMY! But that's another day and another story. I plan on bringing the Missouri deer season Up-to-date for you all when the season ends on the 25th , unless We get a big buck , If we do , we will try to get some pics , if we remember of course.

So until next time, keep your hooks wet , and your deer blinds heated!
;-) Stay dry and warm, hope to see ya out there and good luck to you all on your next "Great Outdoor" adventure!


Tom Sorenson said...

Oh man, I had to smile! I've centered plenty of trees in my time! :) I remember chasing a wounded elk through the timber one year and I ended up shooting fifteen times - not sure how many trees I whacked, but I think more shots found trees than found the elk! I did end up putting the elk down, eventually, but man it can be tricky in the timber!

Kenny Breckenridge said...

Tom, I couldn't have centered that old tree any better if I had tried to. I had to laugh myself and thought that the old buck had luck on his side , I seen the tree just as I squeezed the trigger, as a matter of fact it was the only tree in the opening a second earlier or later may have scored. I love my scope , but sometimes it is a disadvantage when a deer is running. Oh well , theres is always next time. Thanks for the comment, as your comments are always welcome!

Adam said...

Deer pizza sounds good to me!