Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Fall In Missouri Makes Busy Times For The Outdoorsmen!

I have had several emails from my readers to my absense and lack of blog posts here on Kenny's Great Outdoors. There are a lot of factors contributing to this , and I will try to explain. I have been under the weather , so to speak with a pretty bad chest and head cold, accompanied by a reoccurring shoulder problem.

Colder weather has settled in here in Missouri and those aches and pains from past injuries tend to flair up. Our deer season is starting Saturday the 15th and I have been setting up my portable stands, and blinds for the big opening day event. I have a few friends coming down to hunt with me , so the preparation, is time consuming.

I have been doing quite a bit of gigging and fishing , and preparing for deer season, not to mention bow hunting when I can. WOW! Too much going on in the fall. And I guess I need to mention cutting more firewood in anticipation of a cold winter ahead, (my personal prediction) just a hunch I guess you could say.

The fishing at Truman has been slowed down some as several cold fronts have passed thru in the last two weeks and the old bucket mouths have developed a case of lock jaw. I have been twice since my last fishing post and managed to catch our limits but they ranged from 2-3 lbs , still not bad considering the weather changes. My luck always seems to include a cold front coming in the night before and shutting the BIG bite down. It makes fishing a lot of work but with decent results most of the time.

I have been noticing lots of bucks chasing does around on the lake shores and around home , while bowhunting and scouting out the terrain for the gun hunt. I believe there is going to be a good kill here in Missouri. With an estimated 1.4 + million deer in the state the predicted harvest is somewhere around 345+ thousand, thats about a 76% success rate for the hunters . That means about 3 out of 4 hunters will be successful. I somehow don't agree with the later statistic but thats what the Missouri Conservation predicts.

Some how it seems harder for me to kill a deer every year, But I do see several , I am just picky and careful of my shots, as I my shots to be a sure kill if possible, and safe. I don't risk a shot if another hunters safety is in question.

We are supposed to have temps in the low 30s Friday nite with mid to upper 40s Opening day which is Saturday the 15th. I dont think its gonna be bad , but it is supposed to be pretty windy. If thats the case , I will start off in my enclosed blind with a tent heater, HA! There is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. So to sum it all up , I have been so busy getting in all my fishing, gigging , bow hunting and preseason gun season preparation and trying to beat this upper chest and head cold! Thanks for all your concern and Keep checking in from time to time for more updates on the deer hunt, and the fishing.

If the weather warms up a little and stablizes , I will head to the lake again, there is still lots of good bass fishing before it gets real cold. Then I will move over to the Lake of the Ozarks and start my winter fishing approach. Will talk more on this approach later on in another post on winter fishing tactics soon to come.

So until next time , Keep your hooks wet, Your hunting blinds dry and warm, and try all to avoid those winter colds and flu. See ya out there. Good luck on your next hunting or fishing adventure. Remember to enjoy the "Great Outdoors!"

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Tom Sorenson said...

Yessir - this time of year doesn't allow for a lot of slack time, does it?!