Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Holiday Weekend Coming Up!

Memorial Day is right around the corner. If your going to fish this big weekend , you need to reserve your camping spots ahead of time if you havent allready, it could be difficult if not impossible to find a camping spot, if you havent allready reserved one yet. The lakes will be crowded and difficult to catch many fish, but the task of catching fish is still possible for the alert and knowledgable fishermen.

You may have to boat a little further than normal , to find unfished or quiet spots on the lakes but its worth the effort to do so or at least attempt to find them. Boat traffic makes fish finicky because of the long winter with hardly no noise.

Here a just a few helpful tips, that can help you accomplish this difficult task and make your outing
productive and more enjoyable.

Get a map and look for areas farthest from both launch ramps and houses. Either the upper tip of the lake or down by the dam may have less pleasure craft and bass boat traffic.
You may catch more bass from an area only considered fair if you are the only one fishing it.
If every one on your lake throws a worm, try a jerk bait. Be different.
Find an area where obstructions like stumps keep pleasure craft out.
Try the upper end of the lake where it becomes river, specially if there is current. This water will have more oxygen and bass may be more active.
Go early to your best spot before the pleasure craft come out. Then go somehere else.

Please remember, we have had a lot of flooding this spring causing debri, logs, trees, etc to come into the lake, so navigation can be dangerous for the boaters and jet skiers. Slow down and watch for floaters. The floaters dont have to be big do damage you watercraft and ruin your holiday weekend. Remember to use you life jackets and dont overload you boats.

I have seen boats with way too many people in them , making it dangerous and also the boat does not handle or steer as well . Make sure to follow manufactuers recommended boat weight capacity. Which can be found somewhere on the hull , follow these recommendations as the safety of you and you passengers depend on your judgement and knowledge of the watercraft involved. Make sure your safety equipment is up to date and operable.

If you practise boating safety, and respect other boaters, you will have a wonderful experience and memorable fun to remember and enjoy. If you fail to operate your boat safely , you might have some not so pleasant memories. Leave the alcoholic beverages at the camp and do Not operate your watercraft under the influence. The water patrol will be out and about and will ticket and/or arrest violators.

If we respect the rights of others and operate our watercraft safely, we can have a fun and adventurous memorial holiday weekend . Lets all boat safely and wear lifejackets. And remember to slow down and watch for those floaters that you may come into contact with. It may take you longer to get where you are going , but at least you WILL get where you are going. Also remember be safe enroute to the lakes and streams and then again on the way home. Keep it safe and fun.

One last thing respect nature and other campers, leave your site better than the way you found it, Keep the noise down so that others , can sleep and enjoy theirselves. A loud and rowdy camp is disrespectful and not tolerated in most state or public campgrounds. Keep your fires safe, and do not leave fires unattended.

Remembering also to enjoy " the Great Outdoors. See ya out there. BE SAFE!

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