Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family Camping Missouri Area Lakes

Information for family camping areas around some of our area lakes here in Missouri,are as follows. There are state parks, with electricity,water, public bath houses,laundry services, and even local tourist sites close by.

Here are just a few of them as listed;

Harry S Truman State Park> http://mostateparks.com/trumanpark/camp.htm
telephone: 660-438-7711
Warsaw , Mo. Truman Lake

Pomme de terre State Park>http://mostateparks.com/pommedeterre.htm
telephone: 417-852-4291
Pittsburg, Mo. Pomme de terre Lake

Lake of the Ozarks State Park> http://www.mostateparks.com/lakeozark.htm
telephone: 573-348-2694
Kaiser Mo Lake of the Ozarks

Those are the only ones I know of right off hand. You can find most state parks in Missouri like this

http://mostateparks.com/whateverlake.htm That should get you information.

Any of the telephone #s for the other state parks can get you the details of the other state parks around the area!

If you notice while your visiting these sites on the web there us a locator map. click on the different parks and it will
take you to the appropriate places you want to go.

I hope this information is useful and gives you some sort of idea of how to make connections and make sure you reserve
your campsites ahead of time. You can check the availability of your site at each web site! You can also call the department of natural resources Missouri and find out what ever your looking for.

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